Tuesday, April 3

CrossFit M3 – CrossFit

Push Press (5×5 – ACROSS )

Focus your attention here on your front rack. Avoid having elbows so high that you don’t have a firm grip on the bar. We want a full hand grip but we also need to keep elbows in front so that the bar doesn’t slip either. You should be thinking of actively pushing the bar towards you/your neck (without choking yourself) as you dip and drive. Your stance should allow proper flexion of the hip so be sure to dip with toes and knees slightly pointed out. This stance will allow a better torso angle and a better torso angle allows for a better front rack a better front rack allows for a more precise movement.

Metcon (Time)


24/20 Cal Row

30 DB snatch 50/35

-rest 2min-
Go all out on the row – DB snatch should be a recovery and UNBROKEN.