Friday, December 1

CrossFit M3 – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)

Row 100m

10 hang snatches @ 75/55

row 200m

9 HS @ 95/65

Row 300m

8 HS @ 115/75

Row 400m

7 HS @ 135/95

Row 500m

6 HS @ 155/105

Row 600m

5 HS @ 175/115

Row 700m

4 HS @ 195/125

Row 800m

3 HS @ 205/135

Row 900m

2 HS @ 225/145

Row 1000m

1 HS @ 235/155
Before doing this workout, practice empty bar and light weight hang snatches. Try to get your arms as relaxed as possible. If you need to reset before each weight when it goes heavy go for it. I would rather you push to keep the bar in your hand and do snappy, technical reps I’d rather you do that than rushing he movement and forcing to break. When you get tired and are breathing heavy focus on points like pulling the bar into your hip as you jump, keeping the shoulder above the bar as long as possible and MOVING YOUR FEET. The point of this workout is to keep pace on the row and to keep movement and the barbell clean and consistent this will most likely transition into a solid performance in which you have full control over how you move the bar.