Wednesday, October 25

CrossFit M3 – CrossFit

Split Jerk (5X2 split jerks, pause in the dip)

Same as the pause clean. In this case the pause should help you focus on the weight in your feet. Drive up by jumping hard and once your legs are extended, you should hear your feet landing hard on the ground. You NEED to finish your leg drive/jump BEFORE you start to split your feet.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

3 x 5 minutes – rest 2 minutes between rounds:

15 snatch 95/65

15 bar facing burpees
We want high intensity from going as far as you can unbroken, 5 minutes is a long time so don’t move as if you’Re doing a 2 minute workout but rather a consistent 5 min effort.