Tuesday, October 24

CrossFit M3 – CrossFit

Ring Dips (3-5 Rounds X 5 Strict Reps +ME KIP)

5 strict weight ring dip + max rep kipping.

If you have difficulty with your dips or your dip portion of the muscle ups, make sure you strict rings dips are deep. If you need assistance coming out simply use feet for a small jump. If you are weaker on ring dips, perform 3 rounds. If you are strong in dips and muscle ups, go for 5.

Metcon (Time)

5 rounds with 2 minute active rest between rounds:

60 double under

20 wall balls (unbroken)

10 muscle ups

*easy rowing between rounds
You should be able to perform each round unbroken. If you cannot do this, chose a set number that you will maintain for the muscle ups, example 6-4, every round. If this does not maintain, it’s not a big deal but we simply want to start understanding strategies for the open. 7-3 is always better than 6-4 if your endurance permits it. 10 is always better then 7-3 again if your endurance permits it. Find a set that allows your to save time but keeps you focused and not overwhelmed.