Monday, October 23

CrossFit M3 – CrossFit

Deadlift (Pause Deadlift 4X4 )

Pause 3 seconds at the knee on the way up, 3 seconds at the knee on the way down Use a heavy weight for this movement. The pause here should feel hard but controllable. As you drive down into the ground to lift the bar up, keep shoulders in front of the bar and core tight. Avoid over- extending the back and in order to keep lats and upper back strong, keep hands at just outside hip width.

Metcon (Time)

4 rounds – add 10 reps every round:

10 KBS 24/16

10 Box jumps

10 pull ups
This is a pacing workout in which you need to control your energy output. You need to make sure that the time it takes you to do your first round is about the same as it takes you do do 10 reps of each movement every round. Basically, if your first round takes you 2 minutes, your round 2 with 20 reps should take 3 minutes. The only thing is to be smart with your pull ups. You should look into breaking them up as smartly as you can to maintain a consistent effort of 10 reps.