It was December 22, 2013 that I began my journey into CrossFit, a day I will never forget. My first
WOD was with coach Herman Gill at his home. I was 30 pounds overweight and ABSOLUTELY out of shape. I can’t remember what the WOD consisted of but I do remember barely being able to roll out of bed for the next 3 to 4 days! Lol. It wasn’t until the New Year that I did another couple of WODS at Hermans home. At the time Herman was working out at a CrossFit gym as well as Life Time Fitness. I decided to join Life Time instead of CrossFit because I was too intimidated to join a box and opted for more of a conventional gym. There, through Herman, I learned the fundamentals of Olympic lifting as well as other CrossFit movements and started to really enjoy it as well as Yoga which they offered there. I found myself really excelling at Yoga and I attribute that to the teachers and community that their yoga studio had.

Fast forward to a year and a half later I found myself 35 pounds lighter, committed to the Paleo lifestyle and yoga, but was at a stand still in CrossFit. That’s where CrossFit M3 came into the picture. I was invited by coach Herman in September 2015 to come in for a WOD. From there on I was HOOKED!! I became part of what we now call the breakfast club (6am’ers) Lol!

The results and improvement I saw were immediate and it all comes back to the coaches and the community/family at M3. In just over one year I’ve been able to PR in all of my oly lifting as well as all of the other movements, from double unders to muscle ups. I owe it all to the AMAZING coaches and my M3 family for their teaching, guidance, support and sharing the love that we all have for the sport of CrossFit.

In closing I am blessed and grateful!! Thank you M3 – Namaste